Friday, 30 September 2011


Three has come around so quickly, it almost hit us by surprise. Practically overnight our baby girl has turned into a bright, happy, cheeky, demanding, crafty and tantrum-throwing toddler. Her understanding, speech and mobility is improving all the time and we're confident that it won't be much longer before she's catching her peers.
We wanted to spend Bee's birthday doing something she would love, which meant soft play, soft play and more soft play! We chose a sensory play centre about 40 minutes away from us. The pictures on the website looked really good and (as we wanted to take advantage of the last of this summer's sunshine) we planned a picnic in a nearby park for afterwards. So with my mum, brother in tow we set out to meet Clare & Isla.

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Unfortunately the soft play we'd chosen wasn't as good as the website suggested and it was a long way to go for something that we could have done on our doorstep but our girls had a great time anyway. 

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 After an exhausting play session (for the adults!) and a slight detour (thanks sat nav!) we went for dinner at a local park. Thankfully the sun was shining and we found a nice shady place under a tree and by a lake. We munched on sandwiches, crisps, cakes and chocolate.... with some token apple slices and grapes thrown in.

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Each year we have promised ourselves that the next birthday Bee will be able to have some of her own birthday cake. And this year we were finally able to keep that promise! On her third birthday Bee had her first slice of birthday cake!

And it went down very well!

Especially the icing! I think my girl has a sweet tooth!

Isla was also very impressed with her slice of cake and even had a good go at helping Bee with hers. Then they both had a go at each other's soggy leftovers. Lovely!

 We finished the afternoon with a walk through the park, Bee on her walker and Isla with Bee's new baby pram. Both girls are doing so well with their mobility. At one stage I could never have imagined walking through a park with my girl walking next to me.

To see her now, so independent and confident, makes me marvel at her strength of character. She inspires me every single day.

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