Monday, 24 October 2011

Bee's Dictionary Updated

Bee has a handful of new words, our favourite being 'knee'. She likes to come over, point at your lap and say "mama knee". Who can resist!?
Our word total is now up to 38, a massive achievement! 
Knee                                Knee
Nappy                              Da-pee
Shoes                              Sues
Boots                               Booo

Word                                Sounds Like
Yes                                  Yeah
No                                    Naow
Ta                                    Gaa
Thank you                         Guy-or / Guy-oo
Car                                  Bum bum
Ball                                  A-bawl
Monkey                             Ooo ooo
All gone                            Uh gnnn
Baby                                Ba ba / Baby
Hello                                Hey-yo / Hiya
Bye bye                           A-bye / Be bye
Dog                                 Uff uff
Food                                Num nums
More                                Moh
Bubbles                            Bu-bull
Door                                Dior
Up                                   Up
Keys                                Daa
Bag                                 Ba
Play-Doh                          Bawl
Bed                                 Ba
Chair                               Ka
Book                               Booo
Outside                           A-hide
Boat                               Ba
Me                                 Me
Pram                              Bam

People                             Sounds Like
Mummy                            Mama
Daddy                              Da-de / de-de
Grandma                          Gam-ma / Gram
Great-Grandma                  Noo noo
Great-Grandad                  Dee Dee
Clare                               A-Ka
Gem                                Dem

Makaton Signs

Thank you
Mr Tumble 

Who've also had another wonderful language development: Bee has gone from saying 'baba' to 'baby'! We're so thrilled with that as it's a real progression for her. Well done Bee!

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Kathy said...

We were sooo sooo exicted when Sophie finally started to be able to say the "ee" sound. I was in hospital the week she finally learnt to say "mummy" instead of "mama" - it was the best hospital visit ever!! Just ypu wait, now that she has "baby", "mummy" amd "daddy" won't be far off - so so exciting - well done Bee!