Monday, 9 April 2012

Happy Easter!

A big 'HAPPY EASTER' to everyone!

This year has been the first year Bee has been allowed to have easter eggs and we were very excited to buy her one. We decided on something small as we knew (with it being the first time) everyone would buy her some chocolate and we didn't want her to be overwhelmed. We went with a small Minnie & Mickey egg and some little Lindt bunnies, just big enough to have in a single sitting!

Of course spoiltsport Mama said no chocolate for breakfast but Daddy insisted as it's Easter! 

We had a lovely afternoon, spent with Foz's parents and overall a quiet weekend warm at home as the weather turned out to be cold, wet and miserable, boooo! Bee very much enjoyed her chocolate and has plenty to last her for weeks to come!

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