Tuesday, 20 August 2013

School Shopping

This is the shopping trip I've been dreading: the trip to buy Bee's school uniform. It brought home just how close school is getting now and how fast the days are flying by. Summer seems to have gone in a flash. 

We made the trip into town to visit Warrington Schoolwear Center, which sells many of the local schools branded uniform. The idea was to get some branded things for there and then basics (like shirts) somewhere a bit cheaper.

Awkwardly Bee's new school has decided that their girls now need to wear a specific kilt-type skirt which you can only get direct from them or at Warrington Schoolwear Center. And they're £11. Each. I'm not very happy about this as to kit out a child for school is expensive as it is without needing to buy fancy (not to mention unnecessary) extras. I can get 2 grey pinafore dresses for £7 at Tesco.

I also noticed when going through the school uniform list that the PE kit (indoor & outdoor) has to be kept in a bag at the school for a entire term. The outdoor kit is a tracksuit with trainers. So do I have to buy her special trainers to be kept at school?

We bought the branded things we needed to: cardigan, t-shirt for P.E., bag and 2 elasticated ties then it was time for a treat at McDonalds before heading to Tesco for the remainder of her uniform. 

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