Wednesday, 17 August 2011


Today we did something that I've been dying to do since Bee's FunPod arrived: we baked cakes!

As it was our first time we started with a cake mix, I thought it would be easier than managing different ingredients and a grabby, inquisitive toddler! After browsing the baking aisle in Tesco I decided on the Milkybar mix as Bee loves white chocolate so I knew I'd be on a winner.

The bit Bee enjoyed most was the mixing!

She started with hitting the mixture, which certainly sent a few clouds of powder all over, and eventually mastered the technique of mixing. We also had some attempted tasting which I managed to halt before any raw egg sneaked into her mouth!

Putting the mixture into the cake cases proved difficult, we ended up with more mixture on the kitchen counter than in the cases. Those flimsy little cases are not useful for children with poor coordination, who are a little heavy-handed. We did our best though and we may have come out with a few odd-shaped cakes but they'll still taste good!

The best of the bunch
Once the cakes were in the oven and baking we started on the icing mixture. This wasn't as easy as the cake mix as it involved beating butter. Not so easy for Bee, I ended up just quickly whizzing it up myself. This gave Bee the opportunity to lick the bowl and spoon, something that shouldn't be missed during any baking sesh! 

Fairy cakes out and cooled, Bee and I could start on the decorating. I gave Bee the chance to put the buttercream icing on herself with me holding the cakes but she couldn't get the hang on scraping it off the spoon. To be honest she was more interested in tasting it. 


I decided the best thing was probably to ice the cakes myself and let Bee stick on the Milkybar Buttons. It took a lot of encouragement for her to stick and not eat them but we got there....with the odd half-eaten button!

Our finished cakes!       
All-in-all we had a wonderful, if slightly messy, time! The FunPod has been a wonderful addition to our home, giving us opportunities like this together. Bee managed the new baking experience with aplomb, even allowing the mixture on her hands! As always, I'm so proud of her.

And the cakes aren't hard. Just slightly crunchy.... 

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