Monday, 20 May 2013

Sunshine on the Farm

A couple of weeks ago we had a few days of beautiful weather, luckily over the bank holiday weekend. Sadly since the weather has turned cold, rainy and very windy but it's not anything we're not used to! Foz unfortunately had to work on bank holiday Monday but with the weather being so gorgeous I didn't want to miss an opportunity to get some sun so Bee and I headed for a local pick-your-own farm. We'd been once before, back in October, for a little pumpkin-picking at Halloween. Bee hadn't been keen then but months have passed and her confidence has soared so I thought it worth the chance.

Sadly there wasn't much in the way of pick-you-own, it's only early May and the weather has played havoc with crops and plants alike so it was rhubarb or nowt. We went with nowt. I love a good rhubarb crumble but not when I have to make it from fresh rhubarb, plus I don't think the sour taste would agree with Bee!

We made do with a lovely slice of cake in the cafe, along with a cup of tea for me and water for Bee. It was the perfect sustenance for an hour of flower and veg browsing and play time in the meadow!
We went with the play time first, Bee was very excited that we'd brought her Peppa Pig ball along and had a mountain of energy to burn!

We had loads of fun playing throwing and catching, running and chasing, picking flowers and exploring. Bee did really well with the texture of the grass, it was coarse and prickly, unlike the softer grass she's used to. Thankfully her Piedro boots are ankle-high and with her socks above that the grass didn't bother her too much while walking. However she did refuse to sit down, despite my encouragement and would only go as far as bending down to pick up her ball.

 We played in the meadow for an hour or so before Bee started stumbling over her own feet and the uneven ground, her co-ordination dropping with her energy levels. I decided it was time to head for the vegetables and plants on sale.
It's that time, I've been cleaning out the garden pots from last year and we were on the hunt for more veggies for Bee to grow. Once we entered the greenhouse however, I gave up all hope of keeping Bee's attention. She'd spotted the ride-on tractors dotted around, headed straight for the nearest one and climbed aboard.
We took our time looking around, I pointed out flower colours and we tried smelling some of them. Bee's got the hang on sniffing recently and likes to smell things and say "mmmm it nie".
After lots of deliberation we chose a cucumber plant and some pea plants, both of which I know Bee likes to eat and she very much enjoyed picking and eating the peas we grew last year.

We took our plants to the till, where Bee very helpfully gave the lady at the till the pennies and carried our bag to the car. It was starting to get late in the afternoon and I knew we'd need to head into town to collect Foz from work soon but Bee really wanted more time playing on the field with her ball.

Bee's getting much better at throwing, she's releasing the ball from her hands now instead of just passing it to you. She's even started throwing it up in the air and it getting a good height. Plus, we had even more progress on the field that afternoon.... Bee letting the grass touch her bare legs! Winning!

We had a lovely afternoon in the glorious sunshine and by the time we were ready to leave Bee was exhausted. She's done so much physically that her little legs just couldn't carry her anymore. Well done Bee!

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