Wednesday, 29 May 2013

The Decision

Last week was a crazy one. It was my 30th birthday on the Tuesday (which I spent in Wales with Foz and Bee - more on that in another post) so literally every day that week was spent visiting various family members to celebrate the big occasion. Friday brought one of our favourite events of the year: Magic Weekend. 14 Rugby League teams, 7 games, 2 days, 1 stadium. It's always amazing! Before I dropped Bee at her grandparents on Friday afternoon I needed to get our packing done and do a little bit of shopping.

At nursery that morning Bee's teacher had asked if we'd heard back from our school appeal yet, which we hadn't. It's been over a month and I'd rang the council a couple of times and left messages but still nothing. Bee's teacher assured me it shouldn't be anything to worry about, the council seem to be behind in the statementing process with a lot of families.

So Friday afternoon brought me mooching around Tesco with Bee, picking up some bits for Magic Weekend. My phone rang and I answered it to find someone from the Inclusion Team at Warrington Council on the other end. Firstly she apologised for taking so long to get back to us. She went on to say that after reviewing Bee's proposal statement and our appeal the council would be happy for Bee to attend Bewsey Lodge Primary School. What!? WHAT!? I had to ask her to say it again. I never once thought that we would receive our answer over the phone like that, I'd expected her to confirm when we'd receive a letter with the decision! The woman went on to say that the proposal statement would be amended and sent out to us soon to confirm. I ended the call and stood for a moment in the bread aisle of Tesco, unbelieving. Then the tears came. I was so happy, so very happy. I hadn't realised what a weight it had been, the waiting for an answer.

So there it is: in September Bee will attend a mainstream primary school in a supported class. We're so thrilled! 

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