Wednesday, 4 September 2013


Well it's all over and done with. Bee's first morning at school has been and gone. I was very grateful that Foz's work allowed him some time to come with me in the morning. I felt it was important for Bee to have both parents there but also important for Foz. Having to work all day means he misses out on so much so I was very glad he got to share this moment.

We got up extra early to make sure that we had time for photographs. I'd got Bee a special breakfast of a chocolate croissant but she wasn't impressed. Ah well. We spent the morning talking about school, about all the new toys to play with, the fun things to do, the friends she would make. By the time we were ready to leave the house she was very excited. 

I was the one that got her dressed, Foz was upstairs getting himself ready. I'll never forget his face as he walked into the living room and saw her. She looked so grown up but at the same time like a baby playing dress up in clothes too big for her!

All too soon it was time to head over to school. We spent some time taking photos on the doorstep then all got in the car to make the 10 minute journey.

Outside school was very busy with kids and parents everywhere so we had to park down the road. It felt strange, walking to school amongst so many bigger kids. Bee looked so tiny and delicate. On arriving at school all the children have to line up in their classes before being escorted inside by their teacher. We'd been notified during one of our previous visits that Bee's class would line up at the far end of the playground but yesterday morning was a little like organised chaos at the 'new starters' end of the playground. We had no idea who was in Bee's class and didn't want to line up in the wrong one so we just hovered near the edge of the playground and waited to spot a teacher we recognised. 

Of course Bee did not want to stand still. There were lots of other children to nosey at and playground equipment to explore. I kept explaining that we had to stand still and wait for her teacher but Bee doesn't really do well with waiting, she seems to expect everything to happen immediately as it's mentioned. She kept asking "where is? Where is?". Thankfully it was only a few minutes before the teacher appeared and Bee was thrilled to see her. We got an "ooohhhh here is" with a big scrunchy face. Success. Then there was just time for a few kisses and cuddles and she was away, happily holding her teacher's hand and not even glancing back. 

I'll be honest, I cried.

I was so thrilled that she had no fear and was secure in the company of her new teacher. I want her to be happy and confident at school, to enjoy and get the best out of it. But there was this tiny little part of me that was desperate for her to cling, to cry... to just need me.

We were one of the last out of the playground. I couldn't bear to just walk away. I'm glad Foz was able to be with me as it made things a little easier. He gave me a hug then did his best to distract me with other things as we made our way back to the car. I took him into town for work then spent some time browsing the retro games shop to cheer myself up!

For pick-up my mum and dad came along. Bee was thrilled to see us all. Her teacher told us she'd had a great morning but towards the end of her session she'd been asking for mama and daddy. A good start though!

She'd also been chewing on her tie. A lot. She'd almost chewed off the name label I had painstakingly sewn on and had been chewing on the sleeve of her cardigan. Oh dear. I asked her teacher about Bee wearing some kind of sensory chew product through the day to prevent her from destructively chewing her clothing. The children aren't supposed to wear jewellery or anything non-uniform but in this instance we really do feel it's necessary for her needs.

After school it was off to McDonalds for Bee's favourite treat of chips, then to soft play with grandma!

By the end of the session Bee was so tired she was falling asleep on her feet. It was definitely time for home and a relax on the sofa!

Her first morning at school couldn't have gone better and we're thrilled that she seems to be settling so nicely. I'm a little concerned that as her days there get longer and she begins to realise that she has to go all day, every day, I'll have a problem. But for now I'm just grateful she's enjoying it and happy to go in!

Proud of you baby girl! xx

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traci walker said...

So happy she had a good day..beautiful miss Bee