Sunday, 3 July 2011

New Challenges

Well we've had a lovely day in Leeds today, including a trip to a fabulous new playground at Temple Newsam and visit to family. Bee came home absolutely exhausted. 

I'd like to say this was Bee this evening. But it wasn't.

The last two mornings we've found her sat on her bedroom floor, surrounded by scattered objects, toys and clothes that she's pilfered from the various cupboards, drawers and shelves. This evening, after putting our tired little miss in bed, we came down ready to watch the taped Rugby League from earlier in the day. Cup of tea in one hand, bag of popcorn in the other, remote at the ready... let's go!

Then, through the monitor: BANG!

We made our way upstairs to find Bee, sitting amongst the detritus of her impromptu play session. She'd managed to clamber out of bed and create an impressive mess in about 10 minutes. Thankfully the bang was a toy on the floor and not her falling out of bed!

So, now, a challenge: how do we keep our little minx in bed?

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