Friday, 1 July 2011

Foto Friday - 01/07/11

Gosh is it really July already? As Bee gets older times seems to fly faster and faster. My baby is turning into a little girl before my very eyes.

This week's Foto Friday is taken from our trip to Beeston Castle, Cheshire in Febuary 2011.

Beeston is a medieval castle, dating from 1220 and is now mostly in ruins. Known as 'The Castle of the Rock', it's built on top of a craggy outcropping and surrounded by steeps cliffs on 3 sides. A truly magnificent place.

The multi-towered curtain wall defends the huge outer bailey. This is a massive expanse of space which climbs steadily up to the inner bailey.
The modern bridge leading from outer in inner spans a deep ditch and is further protected by a massive gatehouse.


Bee exploring the outer bailey with her Daddy.

The inner bailey boasts one of the deepest wells in any castle in England, over 100ft deep. On a clear day you can see 8 counties from the castle's summit, from the Welsh mountains to the Pennines.

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