Sunday, 24 July 2011


I must apologise for being such a lax blogger of late, I started researching my family tree and have found it so absorbing.

Bee has made some good progress of late. She has a new word: please, which sounds like "pease", or sometimes "pease-a" and has also learn the Makaton sign to go with it. Bee has also started to copy words and phrases she hears us say. Whilst trying to encourage Bee to say "Gem, where are you?" she managed "Dem, ee a ooo". Wonderful!

We're hitting a little snag with her language development though, as we've discovered Bee is using similar sounds for different words. For example, "ba" or "boor" can mean ball, bag, bed or book. Sometimes it takes a little detective work to find what she actually means and Bee can get frustrated. It's something I hope to raise with her SLT at our next appointment.

Physically Bee continues to develop slowly but surely. Still crawling and cruising strongly and now starting to take small, unaided steps away from the furniture. Every day we see Bee get a little bit further each time, although I think walking is still a long way off, her balance is quite poor. Her longest walk has been 6 steps before she lost her balance and fell, a huge achievement!
We're still waiting for the walker from the physiotherapist. I've rang twice and left messages but no reply or returned phone call yet. Monday will bring yet another attempt and each time I'm getting more irate at the lack of communication. Even just a polite "not in stock yet" would suffice, just so I know what's happening. Each day that passes is another day of restrictions and limited ventures.

Talking of restrictions: Bee is reaching an age where it's time to bake cakes and help cook the tea, yet she's way off being able to stand on a chair at the kitchen units. Her lack of balance and co-ordination just wouldn't allow her to do that safely, may never allow her to do that safely. We've been looking for something to solve our problem and came across this:

It's expensive, £112 on the official website and the cheapest I can find is Amazon at £95. They are supposed to suit ages 1-6 years and, with Bee being a little on the small side for her age and only 2-years-old, I think we'd get good value-for-money. I'd be interested to know if anyone has tried a similar product?

Enjoying some of her beloved Pom Bears

On the food front Bee continues to make small progress. Her ability to bite and chew food is slowly getting better although she still only consumes tiny amounts. We're certainly a long way from having the mic-key button removed. Bee still refuses to touch anything 'messy', much less eat it. So we're sticking to solids for now, despite the SLT's insistence that we start with puree. She doesn't have to feed Bee day-in-and-day-out and Bee enjoys her solids *a lot*.

We've been a little quiet on the appointments front recently but we have Occupational Therapy coming up on Tuesday. I'm not looking forward to it. Since discovering that the OT service in Warrington does not provide one-on-one help for children with sensory needs I've not felt very charitable towards Bee's therapist. I know it isn't her fault, decisions like that happen way above her, but she is the face of a service that is letting us down and I'm still angry.

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