Thursday, 18 April 2013

Boo Rye

Bee very much enjoyed our recent bus ride and I wanted to share some of my pictures. As I drive we don't travel on buses very often but when my car was in for an MOT recently we got to ride the local bus home. The whole thing was a new (to her memory) experience for Bee. She loved being in the bus station, I thought her heart might explode with excitement when she saw all the buses lined up in the bays.

Luckily ours hadn't arrived and we were able to watch it pulling in, with much squealing and flappy arm-waving. Bee helped pay for my ticket (she goes free) and, once I'd parked the pram up, I let her choose the seats. I think she'd used up her store of new-experience confidence for the day and used chose the nearest seats possible to the pram. I helped her on to the seat next to the window and we spent a very enjoyable 10-minute journey home watching people and traffic, counting houses and naming colours of cars. Even though she insists everything is pink.

Since getting the car nearly 3 years ago it's become all too easy to rely on it and not worry about struggling on public transport. As Bee enjoyed her bus ride so much I'm determined we will take more short journeys on a bus. Watch this space!


Kasia said...

so cute! Antoni loves buses too.
buses, trucks, tractors, everything that moves:)

Cath said...

Bee is like that - anything big and moving, buses especially! I just wish we could get her as interested in animals! :(