Thursday, 18 April 2013

Cute Factor

I have nothing of interest to report today, I just had to share some cuteness from over the last few days.

In our town center shopping mall there a two very special rides that Bee loves to have a turn on each time we shop. She calls them her "Pi Pi rye". A couple of days ago we nipped into town to collect Foz from work and couldn't pass one of the rides without having a turn!

(Please excuse the pyjamas, she had a poorly tummy!)

Happy squealing and screeching is something Bee does a lot when she's excited, she also does lots of flapping with her arms! She's a very demonstrative child!

Bee's grandparents bought her a lovely gift this week, a Disney Brave doll. Bee is convinced the doll is her as they have the same hair so she calls her "me doll". I think her gift went down well...


Our visit also coincided with my auntie's birthday and we'd bought her a cake. After the 'happy birthday' singing and while my auntie posed for a photograph I just captured my Bee deciding she didn't want to wait for her share any longer...

She'd taken herself into the kitchen, got a bowl and spoon out of the drawers and coming running in saying "me eat up!" Cheeky princess!!

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