Saturday, 6 April 2013


A very happy belated Easter to everyone reading this. We had a very busy weekend, filled with family, chocolate and Rugby League! Bee, as always was very, very spoilt! I think sometimes family are making up for her first few years when she couldn't eat anything, now she's overwhelmed with chocolate. We're fairly relaxed about it on Easter but afterwards it's rationed. Although her dietician wants her on a high calorie/fat diet I don't think copious amounts of daily chocolate is particularly helpful!

 This year Bee had her first Easter egg hunt. We'd found some lovely small Peppa Pig eggs that were about the size of a Creme Egg but hollow. We bought a bag and the night before Easter I hid them around the living room. I didn't make it too hard, they were all in view if you looked hard enough. Bee still struggles a little with the concept of hiding and can get a little worried/apprehensive when asked to uncover something. I set her off with her little red shopping basket and she got very excited by the whole process. She spent a lot of time turning circles in the center of the room, her arms out asking "where? Where?" She found the first handful on her own but needed some assistance with the last few. We tried to pint her in the direction of the general area rather than pointing out the eggs themselves and she eventually got them all. She was so excited each time she found an egg, she would squeal and bring them to show me and her dad, insisting we noticed that "pi pi" (Peppa Pig) was on them! 
Foz insists that the only time it's acceptable for chocolate to be consumed for breakfast is birthdays, Christmas and Easter and of course after finding so many chocolate eggs there's no way I was getting away with making Bee wait! So, with new Peppa Pig bowl nestled safely on her knee Bee managed to devour 3 of her hollow eggs!

We spent the rest of Easter Sunday visiting various family members starting with my dad, who absolutely showered Bee with gifts: seven eggs, a Minnie Mouse and a Peppa Pig! I don't think the open-mouthed look of thrilled surprise left her face for the entire visit! She consumed yet another egg and was very generous with Minnie and Peppa, insisting that they shared with her by forcing their faces into the bowl. She's so kind!

'Hide and seek' with Bee doing the hiding...
After my dad it was on to Foz's grandma then Foz's parents, where there was more spoiling. Bee stayed the night at her grandparents that night as it was off to the traditional Easter Monday Rugby League fixture for myself and Foz the next day, can't miss Warrington at home! 
Overall we had a lovely day and got to spend some quality time with much of our family with plenty of laughs and treats!

Happy Easter everyone!

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