Friday, 12 April 2013


Bee loves to shop.

I mean really loves it.

Whenever I tell her we're off to the shops I get excited squeals, arm flapping and lots of stamping. Usually it's just to Tesco for our weekly food shop, something I often see other kids throwing tantrums about. But not my Bee. She loves to bring her little, pink, Minnie Mouse trolley and find the items we're shopping for. Shopping has always been a great confidence-builder for Bee, she experiences new people, new textures, new situations, and I always encourage her love of shopping as much as I can. 

The downside is: I think I'm creating a money-spending monster! I often joke that if my Bee goes on to marry her husband is going to hate me! 

This week my car had it's MOT (passed thankfully!) so Bee and I got to spend some time mooching around the town center, browsing in the shops. Much to her dad's dismay I can never seem to come away empty handed and we managed to pick up a pack of Peppa Pig Bath Jigsaws. However when we got home they sneakily went away for her birthday in September and she's forgot all about them.

In one of the empty shops in the shopping center is a very large 'what's on' advert for Liverpool Echo Arena and who should be up there but the one and only Justin Fletcher! We walked past this multiple times during the course of our trip and each time we had to stop when Bee excitedly chattered about it and tried to tell anyone passing that Justin was up on the wall! She loves him so. 

We know Justin is on tour and seriously considered buying tickets, despite them being £40ish for adults and children alike (shocking). However after much thought we decided that Bee probably wouldn't get out of it what we want her to. The Echo Arena is just that: a huge arena. If we're somewhere near the back or even just the middle Justin would be tiny on stage and I don't think Bee would really follow what was happening for a full 2-hour show. The show is also billed as 'Justin & Friends' and features a whole host of characters form the CBeebies channel that she isn't really interested in. So, we'll leave it and go for 'In the Night Garden Live' again later in the year.

Of course we couldn't leave the shopping center without a go on the "Pi Pi rye", a highlight of Bee's day every single time!

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