Sunday, 7 April 2013

Making Muddy Puddles

Bee loves to bake and always does a lot of baking with her dad. It's kind of their 'thing' on his days off and I always get some yummy cakes out of it! We've been so busy recently that we've not had much chance for baking but for Easter she was bought a Peppa Pig Muddy Puddles cake pack, a perfect opportunity to get back into the habit!

"That one goes there..."
So, funpod, equipment and ingredients at the ready we got going!

We had fun feeling the ingredients before using them, which is a real achievement for Bee. Her tactile defensiveness has often stopped her from fully engaging in some activities we do. Even with painting she doesn't like it being on her hands. For her to handle the flour and 'messy' textures is a big win!

"I'll stick this here..."
We emptied, poured, measured, mixed and filled. She still struggles a little with the fine motor skills of holding a case still while she fills it but overall she did brilliantly. My real challenge is trying to stop her eating everything in sight before it's cooked!

Of course the eating is the best part though!

Smile Bee!

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