Thursday, 9 June 2011

Bee's Dictionary

Bee has 16 words now and although some of them are clear, many of them can only be understod by those that know her best. We're aware that her pronounciation may always be poor so I've been putting together a dictionary of Bee's words for people who don't know her so well.

Word                                 Sounds Like
Mama                                Ma ma
Daddy                                Da dee / Dee dee
Yes                                    Yeah
No                                      Naow
Ta                                      Gaa
Thank you                          Guy-or / Guy-oo
Grandma                            Gam-ma
Car                                     Bum bum
Monkey                              Ooo ooo
All gone                             Uh gnnn
Baby                                  Ba ba
Hello                                 Hey-yo / Hiya
Bye bye                            G-bye / Be bye
Dog                                   Uff uff
Food                                 Num nums
More                                 Moh
Great-Grandma                  Noo noo

This list is ever expanding but we're so impressed with 16 words, truly a great achievement for her. It helps that Bee is so keen to communicate. She spends her day babbling and there are many things she says repeatedly. We're sure these must have meaning for her but frustratingly we can't work out what that is. Bee can also get very frustrated now when she can't make herself understood and we know this is only going to get worse as her mental skill continues to overtake her verbal. We're going to continue with the Makaton, in the hopes of making her life a little easier.

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