Monday, 20 June 2011

Fun in the Sun!

Well June has finally come good and we have some sunshine! Two days so far of glorious light and heat.

This morning my girl continued to charm the pants off anyone who comes in contact with her and the SLT was no different! The result of this morning's appointment: Bee is understanding at an age-appropriate level! A massive achievement and one I am so terribly proud of considering 6 months ago she had quite a lot of delay. We're aware her speech is delayed, having only 17 words, but as Bee constantly chatters and babbles her SLT is confident she'll achieve in time, just at her own pace. That's fine with us, we know our little girl does her best.

To celebrate her glowing report, Bee and I took advantage of the sunshine and headed to the park, accompanied by her 'gam-ma'. Bee likes the park, just not enough to go on any of the equipment. Or touch the floor. Or generally move at all.

For some reason today that all changed. We had big smiles in the swing, big smiles on the climbing frame and big smiles as she toddled about holding mine and Grandma's hands. I was amazed! We even managed some barefoot walking across the rubberized floor and the grass! We got her usual 'naow naow' the whole time but she still did it, no tantrums, just slight unease. Success!

As Bee was doing so well we decided to try letting her manoeuvre herself around the floor and the equipment, instead of lifting her on and off.

Well, see the results here:
(Excuse the quality, done on my phone)

My clever girl.

She's still not keen on the slide but such huge progress. The metal surfaces of the equipment are textured, not smooth, so a big tick in the win column for Bee!

Every day I see her innate bright and inquisitive nature helping her to overcome her fears and I'm so proud of her.


Mikaela said...

She is beautiful, you have so much to be proud of!
Love your blog by the way! xx

Mychael said...

It's surreal and comforting to know your not the only one right?!? LOVE, LOVE your blog and please don't be a stranger! Not that I am an expert in anyway but seeing as my daughter is slightly older I may have already gone through what you may go through!

XOXO Myk n Mags