Friday, 24 June 2011

Foto Friday - 24/06/11

I have so many photographs of Bee that friends and family joke that she must be the most photographed child in creation. We even had to buy an external hard drive to free up some space on the computer. So this is going to be a new feature on my blog. Foto Friday won't be a post of any substantial length, just a time to share some of my favourite pictures of my girl, both new and old.

As my girl has achieved so much recently I thought I'd start with some pictures taken on a trip to the park on Wednesday:

Bee concentrates on her walking

Recently we've been trying Bee with her dolly pram along with the toddle truck for walking. The truck is very heavy and Bee can allow it to take a lot of her weight when walking. The dolly pram, on the other hand, is extremely light and Bee has to work harder to walk with it. Consequetly she tires quicker and can't walk as far as she would with the truck. We tend to alternate between the two.

"I'm not sure Mummy"

It's taken a long time to overcome Bee's tactile defensiveness at the park. She'll now sit on (and even touch) the red rubberised floor around the equipment, although she's still not hugely keen on the textured metal.

Bum shuffling
To accomodate her tactile defensiveness Bee has developed an ingenious way of getting around the park: bum shuffling! Her nappy-padded bum and shoe-covered feet are the only surfaces that come into contact with the floor and she will comfortably transfer to concrete, which she wouldn't with crawling. Ingenious but not so great on the clothing wear-and-tear!

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