Saturday, 25 June 2011

F:UN - Families United

This morning we attended the Saturday Fun Club of Families United, a fab charity in my hometown for children with special/additional needs.

Taken from their website:
The aim of F:UN is to provide children with sensory, physical and associated disabilities the opportunity to interact with other families and professionals, enabling learning and social support for all.

It's a wonderful organisation, providing a twice-monthly fun club, frequent day trips and lots of support for parents of children with disabilities.

Bee and I went with our lovely friends Clare and Isla and we had a great time! Lots of toys and fun, plus some guitar-led singing and dancing. The girls are exhausted!

But the best thing about this morning was when we sat down around a table for the children to have a snack. When I attached Bee's feeding tube nobody stared, there were no slightly askance looks or pointing and whispering. To be honest, the gastrostomy feeding tube was ignored. And it was wonderful.

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