Thursday, 16 June 2011


The successes just keep on coming for Bee at the moment and today we notched up another one.

Whilst playing at her Great-Grandparents (Noo Noo & Gee Gee) this afternoon we had a moment when my Grandad needed to leave the room. As they live in a top floor flat with a staircase we keep Bee in the living room with the door closed when visiting, to prevent any accidents. 

As my Grandad left the room the door closed behind him and Bee, everyone's shadow, crawled over to bang on it. She doesn't like people leaving a room without her, she's very nosey.

"Dior dior" she shouted.

Pardon Bethany?


Do you mean 'door'?

Apparantely she did. My little Bee told us that her Gee Gee had gone through the 'dior' and was now in the hall. And, when showered with clapping and cheers she said it again. And again and again.

Bee with her Great-Grandparents

Now, this evening, I pointed at the door and asked her what it was. I wanted her to show her Daddy the new word. Frustratingly we got "uh gnnn" over and over. Until finally, after asking 15 or so times.... "dior"! Once we'd got it out of her once, the dam burst and we got it over and over again. We cheered and clapped and made such a fuss! Well done Bumblebee!

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