Tuesday, 28 June 2011

Stand Up & Shout!

I think I'll just let this video speak for itself:
(Excuse the quality, done on my phone)

Bee has been doing this for a couple of weeks now and is getting stronger every single time.

Frustratingly she will only do it when she thinks nobody is watching, if you encourage her or make a fuss she promptly plonks her bum down on the floor. We're so very proud of her though!

Tomorrow morning brings Bee's next physio appointment. We've made the decision to ask for a walker. As you may have seen me blog recently: her physio has always maintained that Bee will not need a walker. We disagree though. Even though she is pretty much physically strong enough to walk, she is a long way off being balanced and co-ordinated enough to walk. Without something to support her, Bee has to spend our days out in the pram (or her snazzy Smoby car) and she gets very bored, which results in tantrums. She needs a walker to give her the freedom that other toddlers have and other parents take for granted. I just hope I can make the physio see that and understand.


kellyn said...

this is amazing to see cath and foz! your both my friends and i never knew you had this site!!! i have been readin through on bethanys progress and its so nice to see.........your both amazing parents! big hugs love kel n Seb x x

Cath said...

Aww thank you missus! I didn't know that you didn't know (if that makes sense!) I've been keeping it for a long time but there was quite a lapse for a while as I got a little engrossed in my Kabuki website. You should read the 'Victories and Viruses' entry - it's about our 2009 trip to Wembley! xx