Monday, 20 June 2011

To Walker Or Not To Walker?

Mummy & Bee go food shopping
As Bee is not yet walking unaided we try to make sure she spends as much time with her toddle truck as we can. We take it everywhere with us, even a short walk from the car to the front door is good practise. Bee may walk stiff-legged and can only go in straight lines but she grows more confident by the day and we're hopeful it can only speed the onset of her first unaided steps. 

As Bee grows it's becoming more and more apparant that her toddle truck is too small. We're now at the point where she stoops slightly to grip the handles and it's creating an awkward stance for her as she's walking with it. For this reason we have made the decision to ask the physio for a special walker. We had hoped that Bee would be walking unaided by the time she grew out of convential, store-bought aids but that's not turned out the be the case. I'm not ure how the physio will react to the request, she's always maintained that Bee will not need a walker. However, she's not ready to walk unaided, her balance is poor, yet with an aid she's off like a flash. Even if it is in straight lines! So at our next appointment I will ask. And keep my fingers crossed.

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